Monkeyin' Around

4.7 ( 7467 ratings )
Игры Образование Семейные
Разработчик iMagine Machine Israel LTD
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"a great game for preschoolers"
Ages 2-5
From the makers of Faces iMake-Creative Craziness!!!
comes Monkeyin Around

Splat! Squish ! Splash!  ohhhh noo!  The Clowns are crashing on the floor! Unless, unless YOU can catch them!

Move the monkeys as they hold the trampoline by tilting your phone and catch the falling clowns!

Pick a sticker up, save it and show it off !!! What will it be? a monkey, a seal, a kazoo or a wazoo? Come and help the monkeys save the clowns.
-Original artwork
-Original Score
-More then 25 Stickers to choose from
-Funny sound effects (touch the monkeys)  

Monkeyin Around.
Bring back the good o’l fashion entertainment !!

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Recommended Ages: 2-5
Categories: Games, Early Learning